Friday, October 24, 2014

Sitting In A Tree This Weekend

Tomorrow, Justin and I will...

Wake up around 5:45 am.
Load up the truck with a gun and a bow.
Drive 20 minutes from home.
Hike 3/10 of a mile through swamp.
Climb up a tree.
Sit in said tree for about 3 hours.
And hope and pray that a deer passes our way.
Hunting is nothing new for either of us. What will be new is sitting in the same tree stand, hunting together.
We have hunted in the same woods before, but never in the same tree stand.
Hmmm... I'm wondering how well I will be able to keep my attention on my surroundings. And not so much on those blue eyes, sitting beside me. ;)
It's going to be a good weekend. Thank-you LORD for your goodness. :)
What are ya'll up to this weekend?
Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow wow, it sounds like fun, we'll not really but I hope you guys have a great time and fill your freezer too!

    1. Thank-you Tori! It was a good time. But no meat this time.

  2. Oh my goodness, Angel! You are quite adventurous! Enjoy:)

  3. What a fun day!! I'm so glad you two get to hunt together -- Dalton and I did that last year from a ground blind. :) Poor fellow ... I nearly blew his ear drum out from lack of warning. Thankfully, he recovered fully ... but he still likes to remind me of that occasion!! ;)

    And I am so thankful to God for safely protecting you on your last bike ride. Very glad!! :)

    GOD bless you!

    1. Oh how exciting Frannie! I'm glad you were able to go hunting with your beloved. Even if you did blast his ears! :D


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