Monday, December 8, 2014

Favorite Christmas Memory: Our Engagement Story

Frannie over at "Of Mess and Glory” recently asked a question to her readers. The question was,” What is your favorite Christmas memory?”

I have quite a few Christmas memories that are dear to my heart. From sneaking into the living room early Christmas morning, with my sister, to peek into our stockings, or sitting and watching “The Nativity” on Christmas Eve, with my whole family, while gorging on sweet treats.

But there is one memory that happened Christmas morning, in 2012. A memory I greatly cherish. The Christmas, Justin asked me to become his bride.

The scene is the Sunday before Christmas, 2012. Our church was holding its annual Christmas party, and “White Elephant” gift exchange. Someone there received an herb garden planter, which I highly coveted. My turn to choose a gift came, and while I could have “stole” the herb planter, I decided against, and chose an unopened gift. Justin’s turn came, and to my surprise he “stole” the herb planter.

I could not understand why he wanted the planter, but never asked why, and I really did not give it any thought.

The next day was Christmas Eve. We had lunch with his parents and sister’s family, followed by the opening of gifts. We then went caroling to the widows of our church, and returned back to my parents’ house long enough to change clothes for a Christmas Eve service. Following the service we had dinner with some of Justin’s extended family, and then returned back to my house for an evening filled with sweets and a watching of “The Nativity”.

Back up to the opening of gifts at Justin’s parents. I opened gifts from his family, watched the children open theirs, and then Justin handed me a gift from him. I opened it to find the herb planter that I had so wanted at the church Christmas party. I was surprised, and then realized his reasoning for stealing the planter.

About two minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and some more family had dropped by. We visited for just a little bit, but Justin and I had to leave so we would be able to go caroling.

I grabbed my gifts, herb planter included, and we headed out the door. We left his truck at the church, as we planned on riding altogether in our church van.

We caroled, returned to the church, jumped in Justin’s truck, and headed for my parents’ house. I took my gifts inside, herb planter included, placed everything on the desk in my room, and changed clothes so we could head out once more the evening service.

We spent a blessed time in the house of our LORD, singing carols and listening to the Christmas story. Once again we left the church, only to head to his extended family dinner, and then back to my parent’s house for some much welcomed relaxation.

Justin left close to midnight that night, and asked what time he could be back over in the morning for my family celebration. I told him whenever that morning would be fine. He asked if 5 would be too early. I laughed, thinking he sure was anxious to get back over here. I told him he could come that early, but I doubt anyone would be up yet. He said he would be over around 8:30 or so.

I went to bed, and awoke around 7 Christmas morning. I showered and dressed, preparing for that special holiday. I finished getting ready around 7:45, and thought I should do a little straightening up in my room. I came to my desk, and found the pile of gifts, topped with the herb planter. I sat down, and decided to look over that sweet gift, from my very special someone.

I slid back the paper sleeve to look inside and examine the seeds. But the seeds are not what caught my eye.

My heart raced as I laid my eyes on a little black box.

Slowly I opened the box, and found a ring.

At first, I could not believe my eyes. Was this really a ring in the herb planter? Am I really alive and seeing this?

Quickly I jumped on my sisters bed (she was still sleeping), and said “Grace! Look what was in the herb box!”

She sleepily looked at it and I asked “Is this really a ring?”

She then said “So that is why Justin told me to look after that herb box before he left last night…”

I knew it was real then, and I commenced to screaming.

I could not help it! My mind was racing, and I just had to squeal!

Over and over!

Just ask anyone in my family.

I almost deafened them.

My dad who was sleeping still came into the living room asking what in the world was going on. I showed him the ring, and you know what he said? “You need to put that back. I don’t think you were supposed to find that yet”. (He knew Justin was going to propose soon. Justin had asked for my hand the same evening of the church Christmas party)

At that moment, Justin could not get there fast enough for me.

Eight thirty arrived, and so did my prince.

I walked out the door, hands behind my back, and a huge grin on my face, to greet my love.
I walked over to him, and asked him how he was doing. He said he was good, and asked how I was doing. I said “really good.” He then asked, “Did you find something?”

I showed him the ring box, and he smiled really big. I gave him the box, and what happened after is kind of a blur. I think we hugged then. What I do remember him asking me not to “marry him” but if I would become his bride.


We came inside, and hugs were all around from family. We then sat on the couch, and for the first time ever, we held hands.

He then told me of how he had put the ring in the herb planter, and had planned on asking me at his family gathering. He was going to have me open up the paper sleeve on the box, but as fate would have it, family dropped by and the timing was not right. He then hoped I would not open up the planter, but wait and then ask me to grab it on Christmas morning after all the gifts were opened then propose.

If you had asked me when I was younger how my future husband would propose, I probably would have said on the beach, or all alone in some romantic sort of place. I never would have guessed it would have ended up as it did.

But I sure am glad it turned out how it did.

No. It was not hugely “romantic” by most people’s standards. Justin didn’t even get down on one knee. (I did not even realize that fact until he told me he wish he had, but was just so excited and surprised at the how the event unfolded)

But it was perfect. (I said YES and we have now been married for one year and eight months)

GOD showed Himself in that event of our lives. As plain as day, HE showed us that no matter how much we can plan out our lives, HE is still in control, and will work everything out for HIS good and glory.

Do you have a unique engagement story?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aww, I think that's a really cute story! Definitely unique, and a good one to tell for years to come!

  2. love your story! As ours is unique too, I love hearing other peoples stories. thanks for sharing!

  3. What an adorable story! Thank you for sharing, Angel!

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other Fashion

  4. My Rooster and I got engaged at a Civil War Re-enactment. I have the picture of him on his knee and all. After we got married a year later, they had a big party for us at an event. The picture on my avatar is us walking thru a bridge of swords.

    Thanks for sharing your cute story. God sure does give us wonderful gifts.

  5. That is so sweet, and creative! Glad to find your blog!


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