Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Week, and Christmas Decor

Good day friends and family! I pray you are all having a wonderfully blessed day in our LORD! It was a gloriously warm day here in NC. The temps for the first day of December were in the 70's!
Woo-hoo! It made spending time outdoors very enjoyable. :D
So how was your Thanksgiving week? Ours stayed pretty busy with the usual comings and goings the first part of the week, and the celebration of the holiday the second part of the week. But it was a blessed week. We were able to have lunch at my parents, and dinner at his parents. :)
I awoke bright and early at 2:45 am to do some Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister. I was a bit worried there would be nothing left with sales beginning Thursday evening. But I was pleasantly surprised with empty aisles, and well stocked shelves. :D
I was back home around 8:30 am. I slept for an hour, and awoke with not one inkling of a desire to put up my Christmas décor. I sat in a chair in the living room for two hours, not moving until I finally had Justin fix me a cup of coffee. My energy quickly arrived after that. :D
This Christmas tree was purchased on Black Friday last year. I waited in line at Home Depot, in 30 degree temps, to get this tree. It was originally $300, on sale for $69. Well worth the wait. :)

Most of the ornaments I already owned. I purchased or made most of them, and put them into my hope chest. And the burlap garland and tree skirt were once the aisle runner from our wedding. :)
Notice something else about our living room? We purchased furniture!
Our previous couch was on loan from Justin's aunt. We have talked about buying furniture for quite a while now. We have been wanting to be more hospitable, but have not had room for many people to sit. So we finally took the plunge, and picked out this living room set. :)

 Here's a look at the rest of our Christmas décor in and about the house...

Kitchen Table

Stockings I sewed up last year
Same wreath from last year. Vey simple design I have incorporated into most of my wreath making this year
Some of my summer flower pots with pine cones, and dollar store ornaments
The lantern was another hope chest item. The wood board was also left from the wedding
Justin's antlers from last years deer

Not décor, but they are kinda cute I think ;P
Do you decorate much for Christmas? Do you buy or make most of your décor?

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, Angel, I'm crazy about your décor!! Everything looks so festive and truly beautiful, not cheesy like a lot of Christmas decorations tend to be. :-) I can tell that you guys worked hard! Good for you! :-)

    (By the way, I honestly meant to comment on your soap-making endeavors "when I wasn't so busy" ... ha ha ... waiting for that magical time is a surefire way to get nothing done, I'm afraid. :-P I meant to tell you that your soaps looked just beautiful, and I bet they smell amazing! I'll be facing a lull in my schooling for a few months starting soon - more details on that on my poor blog someday - and I hope to get back into some of these sorts of crafty things myself. I love soapmaking because it's so nice to use something natural and practical that you make yourself. Please share more of your soaps as you have time - I'd love to see them!!)

    I hope you both are feeling well and getting some extra strength from the warm temperatures! So good to hear from you, my friend!!

    Lots of love,

    1. Thank-you Vicki! It's so good to hear from YOU! :)

      I know all about that waiting for the "magical time" to get things done. I've been trying (not as hard as I should...) to force myself to get away from that, and force myself into commenting, and posting. I feel better when I do that. :D

      I hope to share some more of the soap soon. I did get to use a bar this week after having to wait SOOO...long. :D I'm quite pleased with it. :D

      Praying you are feeling well and rested yourself!

  2. Oh how pretty! You are quite talented at decorating. I'm taking notes! :P


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