Monday, February 2, 2015

Raising and Eating Our Homegrown Chicken

I love chickens! To me they are the best pets in the world. Sweet, mostly calm, and best of all they give you delicious, nutritious eggs to eat.
I grew up raising chickens, and was sad to leave chicken raising behind for a bit, after getting married. But spring of last year came, and my hubby told me I could purchase and raise some birds of our own.
So I excitedly headed to Tractor Supply, and picked up 5 bantams.

I quickly became attached to these birds. They would get excited when they heard my voice, and come running up to me when I called. But, as fate would have it, their lives only lasted two weeks, before a neighbor's dog broke into their pen and killed them.
So, we tried again. This time we purchased 6 Australorps. 

For some reason, I did not become attached to these birds. And it's a good thing I didn't. Because as they began to grow, a problem with them arose.
We had 5 roosters and 1 hen.
I tried to sell them, but there was no interest. So, Justin decided we would fatten them up, butcher them ourselves, and eat them. :)
And that is what Justin and my mother did on January 2nd.

It was the first time Justin had butchered chickens, and my mom's second time.

They killed 3 of our roosters, plus 3 my mom brought from their farm. The only part I had in this venture, was catching the birds, and snapping a few pics. I made myself scarce when blood was present...

It was a blessing to be able to raise our own birds for meat. We have ate the meat on 3 occasions, so far. I love knowing they lived happy lives roaming the woods, and ate only the most natural and nutritious foods for chickens. I hope to be able to raise some more birds for meat again.

But only after I am FINALLY able to raise a batch of birds that will be pets, and good egg layers! :D

Have you ever raised chickens, or other animals for meat?

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you want to see more of the butchering process, hop on over to my mom's blog. Be warned though. The pics do show the full process, blood and all.


  1. oh how fun! I do miss my mom's chickens and the fresh eggs that came with it. and the meat - we raised meat birds in the spring and oh so yummy! thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember the craziness that comes with butchering your own chickens! It was a lot of fun (and also a little sad!) since we had become so fond of our "friends!" :D


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