Monday, April 27, 2015

Sometimes You Need the Storm...

I had a bit of a rough morning. Who am I kidding, all of last week was rough spiritually and emotionally. It’s just that for some reason this morning, I hit a tipping point. 

This morning I broke into tears, fell down on my face, and begged GOD to show me clear direction in a situation, bring someone to help me, or take it away!

This is not the first time in my life such a break down has occurred.

In fact, I think this is the third big one.

The first was over what to do with my life following high school. The second, was the longing to be married. This third is a kind of mix-up of health and contentment in a situation.

You think I would have complete peace and confidence that GOD is in control, is gracious, and will work in this situation, just as HE has in the others. HE has showed countless times HE is sovereign, and will bring into my life what HE wants, when HE wants it.

But alas, I have not been very peaceful.

I have confidence GOD is in control. But I’m not feeling trusting.

I found a sermon on today. It’s by Paul David Tripp, and the title is “Does Jesus Care”.

The passage of scripture he goes over is found in Mark 6:42-55. And the scene in that passage is Jesus sending the disciples on a ship to Bethsaida, while HE sees the crowd of 5,000, whom HE just fed, off.

In scripture we are told that a storm arises, and the disciples panic. They then see Jesus walking on the water to them, and after HE gets in the boat, the storm calms.

Mr. Tripp goes on to talk about how it was Jesus who sent the disciples into this storm. Why?

Because they needed to learn the lesson of faith.

Jesus had to send them into this storm, so HE could reveal HIS glory, and teach them the lesson they needed to learn.

Jesus put them in that storm.

And that is what GOD does to each and every one of us, at some point in our lives.

HE has to put us in some pretty uncomfortable situations at times. Why?


GOD wants us to grow in HIM. HE wants to be LORD of our lives, and have complete and total faith in HIS goodness and grace. 

And at times, HIS grace comes in the form of trials. Why?

Because the kind of rock solid faith we need to face life, cannot come of our own efforts. It only comes by GOD’s hand at work in us.

So many times, we beg GOD to remove a trial in our life. But if HE did, we would miss out on that wonderfully, grace filled moment, to grow in HIM.

Another point that Mr. Tripp made, that really hit home for me, was that of how many times before the disciples had seen Jesus work miracles in the previous days. I mean, HE just fed 5,000 people, and before HE healed countless people from their sickness and disease!

But they were still afraid in the storm.

I was hit with the realization that I have seen GOD work countless miracles in my own life. But once again I have the same doubt, fear, panic, that I have had before.

And how wrong that is!

You know, GOD could easily get rid of me, and no longer call me a follower of HIS. But HE doesn’t do that. Why?

Because HE loves us. And through HIS grace, HE wants us to learn from our mistakes. And HE wants us to see HIS great glory and power at work. HE cares for us, and wants desperately to show that care.

And sometimes, trials are the only way to do that.

“Sometimes you need the storm in order to see the glory. Sometimes it's only the deep and dark storms of life that put the glory of the Messiah and the kind of relief where I can now see it and I can now get it and I can say, "I'm okay, because this One has drawn me into eternal relationship with Him. Sometimes you need the storm to see the glory. Oh, the care is not just Jesus' presence in the storm. The care is the storm! That's care, just the kind of care that we need. He's zealous that we would see and understand that we would really have hearts of faith—sturdy, assured, confident, bold, ministering, faith.” Paul David Tripp

There is one more thing that Mr. Tripp spoke about, that rings so true for me.

When Jesus got into the boat, and calmed the storm, the disciples were “astounded”. Meaning they were amazed at what Jesus did, but did not put their faith in HIM.

“There is a huge, significant difference between amazement and faith—being an astounded person and being a person of faith. There's a huge difference. You can be amazed by things that you do not put your faith in.” Paul David Tripp
And that my dear friends, is the root of my problem.

I’ve seen GOD do many a great work in my life, but have not seen them as what they were meant for. To show HIS goodness and greatness, and to produce and effect, I could not have on my own.

“God is not willing to leave you in divine amazement; He wants you to become a person of sturdy, assured, hopeful faith. So He will take you where you haven't intended to go to produce in you what you could not achieve on your own.” Paul David Tripp

I’m so thankful for the time, love, and eternal patience HE has with us, HIS dear children. I’ll never understand how HE could love me so much, to do a wonderful work in my life, just to draw me closer to HIM. So very thankful I am, though.

“This moment of difficulty is not a sign of His unfaithfulness and inattention. It's not a sign of the failure of His promises. It's not a sign of divine forgetfulness. These difficulties are a sure sign of the zeal of His transforming love. Sometimes you need the storm in order to see the glory. So storms will come so glory can be known, so hearts can be transformed, so faith will grow, so you will be usable in the hands of the I AM.” Paul David Tripp

What is GOD teaching you in your life right now?
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. So many times I have begged God for something, and He hasn't seemed to answer, only for me to see later how He had protected me by not giving me what I asked for at that time. I can only see in retrospect why it was so good that bi didn't get what I thought I needed or wanted. It is amazing how He loves us and is so incredibly patient with us!

    1. Amen Tiffany! His love and patience is such an amazement to me every day! :)

  2. My heart goes out to you, Angel! God is teaching me forgiveness and I am slow to hear it; my father has left my mother for a friend of mine, who is now pregnant with his child (it sounds like I took it from a cheap novel, but it's true!) It is SO difficult to give that trust you speak about here, to know that the storm is for our benefit. We can only pray and persevere.

    1. Oh! My heart goes out to YOU! I will be praying for you in this circumstance. May HE give you the grace you need to walk through this storm.

  3. How much you remind me of myself! What a wise young woman you are. Always praying for you and your husband!

    1. Hmmm... I find being like you one of the biggest compliments one could give. :)


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