Friday, May 1, 2015

What's Going On 'Round Here

Carolann Over at "A Happy Homemaker" shared her post "What's Up Wednesday". It's basically some questions you can answer to share a bit about your week.  (do check out her blog, as she shares some really good recipes, and her thoughts and feelings on homemaking and life in general) 
It looked like a lot of fun, and decided to give it a try meself. But I'm going to call it, "What's Going On Round Here This Week".
I had to give it a country flair. :D
What I Loved About This Past Week...
A dear friend sending many encouraging scriptures. :)
Getting my ever growing children chickens into their big girl coop...
Finding that I have one little girl that particularly likes to get right up into my face, and happily jumps onto my shoulder to do so. I just can't wear earrings around her. She may have try to eat my favorite pearls that first time...
And going shopping with these lovely ladies. My mama, and little sissy...
What I'm Looking Forward To
My handsome hubby arriving home from work
Supper (bacon, tomato, and mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches on fresh whole wheat sourdough, with salsa and quinoa tortilla chips)
The 80 degree weather that is in the forecast for this Sunday
What I'm Nervous About
Not being able to find a naturally minded doctor to treat some health issues
Directing a friends wedding in June

What I've Been Daydreaming About
I'm not really a daydreamer.(Unless you count the constant thought I may just one day deadlift my own weight, or more...) I prefer to try and stay grounded in reality. I know, boring and party pooperish. But it saves on disappointment. :)
What I Ate for Dinner Last Night
Herb roasted chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. And let me tell you. It. Was. AMAZING.
What I'm Craving
Quite a few things actually. Mostly meat, (I was tempted to go all cavewoman on that chicken last night and eat it all myself...) anything with tomatoes, and this amazing discovery from earlier in the week...
 What I'm Doing This Weekend
Not sure on the specifics, but hopefully its spending lots of time with this good looking thang...
But outside the chicken coop. ;P
So what are ya'll up to this week?
Feel free to copy and paste the questions into your own post (and let me know so I could check it out) or answer right here. :D
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks  for stopping by!


  1. I just love all your photos, Angel!! Your little chickies are growing up so fast - they're absolutely beautiful. I love the little one that sits on your shoulder! How adorable!!

    I will keep you in my prayers as you search for a naturally-minded doctor in your area ... I wish I lived closer so I could help you investigate; but I can pray that God would guide you in the right direction, which is even better. :-) I also pray that God would fill you with strength and health to enjoy the coming summer days!

    Hugs to you, dear friend!!
    ~ Vicki

  2. Thank-you for the prayers Vicki! Prayers are the best thing right now, and so appreciated! :)

  3. fun post! and i love kombucha! I just finally got a mushroom growing and we drink it like crazy. I'm also having fun experimenting with new flavors in double brewing. Pray you can find health answers - that is so frustrating!


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