Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beauty In the Mud

Justin and I decided to take the Jeep out to the swamp Sunday afternoon. I had a need for some mud to go flying. :) And very easily, and to my great joy there was plenty to be found!

After about an hour or so, and a very filthy Jeep later, we decided to head on back to the house. But before we headed out, I had Justin stop for a moment and let me grab a few pics.

Now I know most folks would say, why would anyone want to take photos of mud?

I mean, when we look at a mud puddle, our natural tendency is to see the filth. It's icky, sticky, sometimes smelly and always dirty. Not something we want to wade through.

(Unless of course you are a Jeep person and see it as a challenge and cannot help getting excited at putting your trusty stead to the test. In this case we will put that point to the side...) ;)

But I noticed something more about all the mud we came upon...

There was beauty in it.

I was not paying attention to the filth. But seeing all the beautiful reflections of the trees and sky.

We all come across mud puddles in life. They are always there. And as much as we would like, we cannot always avoid them.

But we can choose how we look at the mud of life. Are we looking at the beauty it holds?

Are we looking for the beauty in loneliness, grief, cancer, infertility, tirendness, weakness, family problems, issues at school, problems at work, the confusion in trying to find GOD's will for you life, or whatever trial that you may be facing? I know it is SOOO... hard, but if you take the time, you will see beauty in it.
Sometimes that beauty will be simple. Such as only being able to pray, and beg GOD to get you out, and be by your side.

Other times you will be blessed to have someone to walk (or drive) by your side, and offer encouragement and support.

It might only be the knowledge of the fact, that one day (even if it is not until we reach heaven) we will be able to look back and know it was all for a purpose, and GOD was in control the entire time.

Yes. There is beauty in all the mud of life. :)
Are there any "mud holes" of life you are wading through right now? If so, I would love to be able to pray for you. Leave a comment, or if you prefer to keep it private, drop me an e-mail. You can find the address on the sidebar.
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh Angel, this was the most perfect thing I could have stumbled across today - as you'll see by my poor pitiful post on my own blog, I am knee-deep in an emotional mudhole and feeling terribly anxious these past few days. Thank you so much for reminding me that these sticky, muddy days are reflecting God's beauty just as much as the clear-blue ones!! I am praying for Him to heal my anxiety and anchor me firmly on His promises; but if He needs to reveal Himself through sleepless nights and racing heart, then so be it - may I be His humble maidservant!

    Much love to you, Angel! If there is anything I can pray for you, please let me know and I would be honored to pray for you! <3


  2. Oh Vicki! As always, you have been in my prayers! It is SOOOO hard to remember that there is beauty in the bad days. I am thankful this post was a blessing to you. I felt kind of silly writing about how "mud" can be pretty. But it was just something I could not get out of my head while riding through it. :)

    I pray for the LORD to give you strength and mercy on the rough days. And I pray for LOTS of beauty to be in the good and bad. :)


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