Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Season Does Matter


Right now, my windows are open letting in a gentle breeze, the ringing of my wind chimes are filling my ears, the aroma of our supper of paleo meatloaf, baking in the oven fills my nose, and feelings of being very blessed for this life the LORD has given me, fill my heart.

I have talked recently about how GOD has me in a quiet season of life. And how HE is teaching me to be content in it.

The biggest way in which it has been so quiet, is how this is the longest amount of time, since I was 15, I have been without employment outside the home (10 months now since I worked as a K-3 teacher). Instead of working at a job daily, or a few times a week, I am now a full time wife, and homemaker.

It is most definitely a more quiet life. Instead of having my days and weeks laid out in front of me, and knowing exactly what to do, I have to myself create my days schedule.

And at times, praying to GOD to bring a task to my life, to fill the hours serving HIM.

I will admit, I have felt guilty at times for not having as busy and planned a schedule as some.

Especially when I am asked what I have planned for the week, and I reply back I am not quite sure.

And then hear them say back they wish they did not know what they had to do for the week.

Which in turn cause me to scramble and look for a job just to make myself look busy or important in their eyes, and ultimately not being content in where GOD has me right now.

Don't get me wrong, my days are BUSY. I can NOT stand to sit around. Ask anyone in my family.

The truth is, most weeks, I do not know what the days hold. Sometimes it is only cooking, cleaning, crafting, and reading. Other days it has me ministering and serving in the community, my family or church. And other days, it's realizing I do have spare time, to drive that friend who needs to go to town at the last moment.

Yes this is a quiet time in my life. And yes I am thankful for it.

It is teaching me to use the time wisely, and search out ways to help others.

GOD has been showing me, we are all in a different seasons of life.

Some of you may be single, going to school, or holding down a full time job.

Some are mothers, working incredibly hard to raise your children to love and serve the LORD.

Some of you may be like me. Married, no children, you may have an outside job, or not.

No matter the season we are in, so long as what we do is for the glory of GOD, and we know we are in HIS will for this time of our life, it does matter, and is important.

From wiping precious wet noses, writing papers, managing an office, sweeping the floor, making cards, or reading an informative book, your work is important to GOD.

HE gave it to you.

The creator and ruler of the universe gave you those seasons of your life.

Pretty neat thought, right?

GOD, maker the of seas, the sun, moon, and stars, appointed me to this place and season of life.

HE has not called me to find a full time job yet.

HE has called me to stay at home, take care of my husbands needs, cook meals, and clean our house.

Sometimes I am meant to read and learn on subjects that fascinate me and will be helpful, or sit and talk with my girls.

But mostly I pray HE guides me in ways to encourage those in my circle, and to be available to help and minister to any one that needs it.

Maybe it's not so quiet a season after all? ;)

What season of life are you in? Are there any lessons being taught to you from this season?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, Angel, I love this. Thank you for speaking honestly -- your experience brings me delight and encouragement!

    As you know, most of my time is spent at home, serving, cleaning, baking, crafting. My two days a week job is just that, a side job I am thankful to have but something that does not require my full attention or time.

    And, I have to admit, sometimes I feel bad about that. When friends, family and fellow teachers comment on how nice it would be to have my life, to be able to travel on whim or stay at home all day ... well, sometimes I let that bother me.

    But reality is that *this is where God has me.* Once, right after we were first married, I was desperately looking for a job because I felt useless being a full-time keeper of the home. I went to a busy Thai restaurant to pick up an application and was told to come back in three hours for an interview. Suddenly, I realized *I DID NOT WANT TO BE IN FOOD SERVICE AGAIN!* LOL! I was flooded with dread. Why in the world was I looking for a job when I already loved keeping my home? Why was I so desperate to fit in with the other busy women I know? I called the restaurant and canceled my interview. Since we walk by that place often I get a good laugh ... that was a close call.

    Anyways, I 'm actually going through a weird time where I feel a crazy need to *do something.* Maybe I'm feeling this way because I'm off-schedule and out of routine due to Spring Break? I have this obsessive desire to paint everything, move, write a book, build a rabbit hutch, buy chickens, plant a garden, start a business ... a huge desire to just do something that matters.

    And it's really silly. Currently, we have less land than house (and our house is on the smaller side). So gardens, rabbits and chickens are really not practical. I like my walls -- why do they need paint? Lol. It's just my silly soul looking to be busy and avoid doing what I'm called to do: wait, be still and know that He is God.

    I know this is a obtrusively long comment. But I'm encouraged and I wanted to share my similar situation. :) Would you mind if I eventually wrote a blog post inspired by your words? I think it would do me good to write about my heart's current issue.

    I appreciate how GOD is working good things through you -- even in this slow time!

    1. Thank-you so much Frannie! Hearing your story is such an encouargemnt to me, in knowing I am not the only one in a similar situation. I can so relate to the need to be doing something. Painting and starting a business are at the top of my list ALL the time. :D When in fact I really NEED to focus on getting groceries purchased right now, and needed yard work done... ;)

      I know that GOD is working in your season of life, and I would love if you wrote a post inspired by these words. I pray your situation will be an encouragement to your readers. :D

  2. Oh Angel, this post blessed me so much! I haven't had a physically quiet season of life in a long time, but I've been learning this year about how to keep my heart quiet and waiting on God's will for me; and it encourages me so much to see you quieting yourself to walk with Him in the still places. I have been failing in quietness, but I know it's a lesson that I can revisit and learn anytime, and I'm trying to do so. :-)

    I love you, dear sister!! I don't pray for you as often as I would like to, but I absolutely "thank my God upon every remembrance of you"! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed and reinvigorating early spring season!


    1. Vicki, I am so glad the LORD used this post to bless you. Hearing about all the different seasons of life others are in , and what GOD is teaching them in those seasons, is a blessing to my heart. :) I pray that you will have a season of physical quietness and rest very soon. :)

      And the same goes for you my friend! I thank my GOD upon every remembrance of you! And although I fail at it at times, I do try and say a prayer for you when you do come to mind. YOU have been such a blessing to me through the years, and I cherish you. :)

  3. Hi Angel,

    I want to first say that I am so glad that you are feeling better and cancer free! What an answer to prayer that is.

    Secondly, I want to encourage you in your role as wife and homemaker. That is what the Lord has called us married ladies to do and there is no shame in it. To be a godly wife and homemaker takes much work, as I am sure you already know. It has been a steep learning curve for me, especially since I did not grow up in a Christian home and being a homemaker was never encouraged or on the radar for me, but I do love it. I am continually trying to learn new things from more seasoned Christian homemakers and even after 8 years of marriage and 7 years of being a full-time homemaker, I still have much room to grow. Ha! I'm so thankful that the Lord (and my husband) doesn't give up on me! :-)

    I too have struggled at times feeling guilty that I "should" be working outside of the home and contributing money to the household. Even after having my two children, I have been tempted to apply for outside employment. However, every time that I have prayed about it, God tells me to stay right where I am at. Honestly, I know that I am happiest being a homemaker and taking care of my family full-time. My husband has no issue being the provider and he loves that I am always available. And, neither one of us would want somebody else taking care of our children anyway. When the time comes, we plan to home-school too.

    I worked outside of the home for the first 14 months of marriage, but during a terrible bout of flu, I quit and became a full-time homemaker and have been ever since (7 years now). Even before my husband and I were blessed with children, I was a full-time homemaker for four years. So, I do understand what it is like to be a homemaker without children. Don't let the feminist ideas of our society steal the joy you have as a homemaker. I realize that is easier said than done sometimes, as our society doesn't tend to value homemakers anymore. However, God sees the value in it.

    To encourage you further, I would like to suggest two blogs to look at when you have the opportunity to do so. They are as follows:

    Although I do not necessarily agree with everything these two ladies write (Such is life, right?), they tend to have good, biblical advice for us younger ladies on how to be the best wife, homemaker, and mother that we can be.

    Well, this comment became longer than I intended. Can you tell that I tend to get long-winded in my writing? Ha ha!

    Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

    Sarah in GA

    1. Ahhh... Never apologize for long comments! :D Thank-you so much for all you have shared! Hearing someone who has gone through a similar experience, and to give encouragement to is SUCH a blessing! Especially in how you said you were a full time homemaker without children. That is a true rarity in my circle. :)

      Thank-you so much for sharing those two blogs. I will be checking them out today. :)

  4. I love your post. I've been going through a new season of life also. I graduated last May from college and it's been hard not having anything laid out. When I was in school, the semesters were all laid out for me and now I have a part time job, while looking for a full time one. Thank you again for your post.

    1. Oh Ashley! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I pray it was a blessing to you. :D Transition times are the hardest. I pray the LORD leads you to the right job, at the right time for you. :)

  5. Refreshing to read this post! Keep your heart open to be lead and he will lead you to GREAT things!

    1. Thank-you Rachel! It was a refreshing thought for me as well. :)

  6. Beautiful, Angel! Such refreshing thoughts and it is a blessing to read of how you are embracing this quiet season in your life. From your most recent post, it doesn't sound like you'll be not-so-busy for long! Ah, heartiest congratulations to you!


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