Friday, August 26, 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 17

"When the LORD reached down HIS hand,
To add this babe to our household band,
We felt that our cup overflow,
The greatest blessing HE could bestow."
How far along? 
17 weeks
Baby is now the size of a:
Vidalia onion
Total weight gain:
Not sure. At least one pound from the initial drop of 3 pounds. I have not checked since last months midwife appointment. An appointment is coming up soon, and we will see for sure then.
I seem to wake up at 5 am lately and struggle going back to sleep. Justin says it's my body prepping itself for the baby's schedule. :D
 Twice weekly weights, walking 3 days, and yoga in between.
Joyful for the most part. But I seem to become very weepy quickly. Hello crying my eyes out while watching the beast die in "Beauty and the Beast"...
I really do not have any desire for chicken or beef. Unless it is a steak. I have had steak on the brain for days now.
 Nausea is gone! Energy levels are high. But I can't go more than a few days at full energy without having a slow day in between. And the hip pain has gone away!
I am pretty sure I have been feeling our sweet one. Although I am one to hesitate to say for as I have not felt a baby move within before now. :D It's a little something about the same time each day.

Maternity Clothes:
 My inlaws blessed me with some money for my birthday and told me to spend it on clothing. I was able to find several dresses. But overall I am still able to get away with elastic waistbands, and looser fitting shirts.
Worst Moment of the week:
 Receiving a jury summons. :(
Best Moment of the week:
 Starting back to teaching, and not having one single crier. Miracle of miracles with 3 year olds, ya'll. :D
Looking forward to:
 A weekend at home with my love. :)
What are you looking forward to this week?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh angel, you look so adorable! Pregnancy suits you well. We are so excited for you!
    How wonderful that you have had a good week.
    Thanks for sharing an update, I check often as they always put a huge smile on my face. :)

    1. Awww... Thank-you dear friend! Seeing you comment brings a smile to my face! :D

  2. That adorable little belly! So cute! Sounds like you've entered that lovely 2nd trimester honeymoon phase:) I loved that phase with my 1st (never got it with my twin pregnancy). Enjoy!

    1. Than-you Amy! It has been amazing experience. :)

  3. Dear Angel,
    I have enjoyed reading your updates. I am just so thrilled for you and your husband-Isn't God good? Yes He is. All the time. :)
    I hope ou have a very lovely weekend, friend! I am looking forward to campaigning with my sister tomorrow on Saturday, cleaning my room, reading, and crocheting. {{smiles}}
    Much love in Christ,

    1. Oh HE is soooo... good Ashley! I pray that your weekend was lovely. It sounds as if was going to be. :)

  4. Ah I love reading your pregnancy updates! Goodness, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for you and your husband! Oh, the LORD is truly gracious and good... You are looking fabulous, if I may say beautiful with that precious baby bump! Soon you'll know if a wee girl or boy will be entering your family...ooh, how thrilling! I hope you'll let us know for I would simply love to send a little something for the darling one! {{Smiles}}
    Week seventeen...closer and closer comes your due date! I am praying for you, dear Angel and thinking of you lots! Enjoy these days of energy and oh! How incredible to think of your sweet one moving around within you...
    As for my weekend...well, my sister and I did our local craft market again today with our handmade creations and I also met a friend for coffee! Tonight our family are having a small barbeque and oh! I am greatly anticipating going to church again tomorrow...the LORD recently led us to the right church where the Word is preached and beautiful hymns are sung...ah, so lovely...{{Smiles}}
    Sending you love and hugs!
    Have a good weekend further!

    1. We will be announcing what we are having very soon Kelly-Anne! What a wonderful sounding weekend you had. Enjoy your week! :D

  5. Looking good Angel! Did you get my parcel?

    1. Thank-you girl! I have not received any parcel as of today. :)

    2. :( I hope it didn't get lost in international mail waters - I sent it weeks ago! Oh well, fingers crossed!

  6. Woohoo, it makes me so happy that you're feeling stronger and getting to enjoy your pregnancy for a while!! I agree with all the other ladies, you look simply beautiful - and so very happy!!

    I have a little sticky note on my computer reminding me to pray for you and Frannie every day - sometimes I'm too busy to see it, but I make sure to send up a prayer every time I do!!

    Love you dearly!
    ~ Vicki

  7. Replies
    1. Me either! I'm over here like "I wonder how much she's grown." Is she feeling more movement? I bet she's adorable! Please update soon dear Angel... The suspense is hard to handle. ;) -Jordan

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