About Me

Hi! My name is Angel! A twenty six year old sinner, saved by grace.

Wife to Justin.

Mommy to our little boy, Flynn.

And by GOD's sweet mercy, I am an ovarian cancer survivor.

Most days you can find me at home, or out driving my Jeep.

If the season is right, you may not be able to find me, as I will be bow hunting or fishing.

You could walk in on me hugging and kissing my sweet hubby.

Or quite possibly letting 9 little Dominique hens fight over the right to sit on my lap.

I am an introverted old soul, with a tendency toward shyness.

I may be a bit on the passionate side about herbal healing and healthy eating.

Oh. I love weight lifting. It doesn’t get much better than deadlift day ya’ll.

And of course I am lover of chocolate. And I'm talking 'bout deep, dark chocolate.

And oh yes, yes, yes, peanut butter. In a perfect world, I say we would thrive on those foods.

GOD is oh so good. Though life is not always easy, HIS goodness is always to be seen. And that is what I want this blog to show.

Whether it’s sharing recipes, scriptures, modest fashion, photography, the simplicity of life, and at times the deep, dark, and even lonely parts, I pray that it all shines forth HIS goodness and glory.

And, maybe even inspire you to look for GOD’s goodness in your own beautiful life.


  1. Hi Angel!

    I am a producer, and I am reaching out to you because I am working on a new feel good, positive show looking for people that spread the word of their religion because they feel it is a blessing to do so. We are seeking people who are well spoken, kind, and have a real calling. This project is an incredible opportunity to share your Christian beliefs with others, and I am excited to have my name attached to it. I would love to discuss our project with you in more detail. Is there an email where I might reach you? Feel free to contact me at Emily.Sweet@rrstaff.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. So happy to read your blog. Very inspiring as s newly wed. I love your wedding dress-(where did you purchase it) You simply looked very lovely. Happy blissful marriage Mrs. B!

  3. Thanks for the little glimpse into your new life, Angel! It's such a blessing to get to take a peek into your days! :-D



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