My Story

I grew up near a small southern town, on my parent’s 5 acre homestead. My parents always had a garden and many a day was spent pulling weeds and shucking corn. The task of feeding the chickens was given to me at the age of 10. And with it a lifelong love for raising chickens was born.

Oh, did I mention I milked my parents Jersey cow for 3 years?

Boy, did I have some hand muscles then!

I made a profession of faith at the age of 6. But as I grew older, I realized that Christ was not truly Lord of my life.

At the age of 14, at a Christian summer camp, I gave my life to the LORD, and was save by glorious grace.

And I knew this life I have been given, was HIS.

I graduated from homeschooling in 2008.

Following graduation, I was unsure of the LORD’s leading in my life. I did not feel led to go to college. So, I worked at a local restaurant as a waitress for a year.

During that time, the LORD began to lead me down a new path in life. HE led me to become a “stay at home daughter”. Meaning that instead of preparing for a career outside of the home, HE showed me that I needed to spend my single years helping my family, and preparing for the day I would have a home of my own.

I was never a full time stay at home daughter. During those years, I was blessed to work at two different places, which allowed me to be able to help my family when it was needed the most. The first was as kitchen staff at a local Christian camp, and the second was my neighbor’s farm as an egg washer, meat packager, weeder, and doer of any other farm chore you could think of (which I thoroughly LOVED).

A few years went by, and the LORD so graciously brought me my first true friend in life, my now husband, Justin. (You can read our story here)

We began a courtship on February 29th, 2012, got engaged on Christmas of that same year, and married on April 6th, 2013.

And now I am his “little sunflower”.

 You will find me home most days. Cooking yummy meals and cleaning our "little castle".

Our dream is to be as self sufficient as possible. Raising crops and animals to eat, and having our house run on solar powered electricity.

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  1. We share some of the same goals! My husband and I would LOVE to be as self sufficient as possible and are planning on getting some hens this spring.



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