Our Story

During the entire year of 2011, there was a man in my life. A man whom I had become friends with, and truly enjoyed being with. But with that friendship my heart began to long for more. I wasn't very joyful in being "just friends". I was becoming attached to this man. And it was becoming increasingly difficult to be joyful in not having a deeper relationship with him.

In November of that year, I began to become confused about this man. Why was GOD allowing HIM to continue to be my friend and nothing more? I fasted for several days that month, begging GOD to show me if this was the man HE had for me.

Through all of this time, I had to come to a pivotal point in my life. GOD showed me, I had to be completely and totally satisfied in him. To want nothing more in my life, but HIS hand and HIS love. To not want what HE has not brought in my life. But to be wholly satisfied in what I do have.

Christmas came and went, and never before in my life had I felt more joyful in being a single woman, living in the love of my LORD and Savior. I truly wanted nothing more that to be exactly where GOD had placed me. I was happy.

January came, along with great hopes for the coming year. I knew GOD was going to work mightily in the coming year, and I could not wait to see what path HE would lead me down.

Then came that familiar feeling when I saw this man. The feeling of longing, and even confusion. I was joyful in being single, but I still wanted to be with this man. And truth be told  I was not sure of his feelings toward me.

I began to have the feeling that maybe I should approach this man on what his intentions are toward me. But every fiber of my being screamed against it. I did not feel that it would be right for me as the woman in a relationship to approach a man about his intentions. That would be way too forward.

But the still, small voice kept coming to me, saying "talk to him".

Not only was this voice with me in my devotionals and prayers, it began to appear in conversations with those in my life. Friends, family, and spiritual leaders all said the same thing, I needed to know where we stood. And I had not told a single person this thought.

Around the first of February 2012, I knew I had to take that leap of faith, and see where GOD was going to land me. My dad (completely unknowing that I really wanted to talk to Justin that day) asked Justin to dinner after church one Sunday. We went out, ate, then walked next door to a store to browse around. After me and Justin were alone, I told Justin I felt the LORD had been leading me to ask him where we stand in our relationship, and if there was a chance we would be in a courtship.

He told me that until now, the time was not right. To shorten the story, a few weeks later, Justin followed me home after church on a Wednesday night, walked over to my dad, and asked permission to court his daughter. And so our story began.

On Christmas Day 2012, he asked me to become his bride.

And on April 6th, 2013 I became his bride.

GOD is so good! I could never have imagined a better story for my life. Through all the waiting, and longing, GOD's hand was right there, orchestrating our lives, bringing everything together perfectly in HIS timing. And for that, I am sooo... thankful. :)

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  1. I love your blog!!!! We have a lot in common! :) Looking forward to reading your future posts!


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